At different times throughout their academic journey, students may seek out faculty to help them with issues they may be experiencing outside the classroom. Faculty may not be able to help in these circumstances but it is important faculty know the resources and point students in the correct direction.

Student of Concern

A form that can be completed if there is concern about a student’s safety, health, or you believe needs assistance.

Student Conduct

Handbook regarding expectations of students’ behavior and student rights and responsibilities.

Title IX

Rights of a student regarding sexual discrimination and policies on sexual harassment, assault, and violence. Form Available.

Grievance and Complaints

A form that students can complete regarding any issues with faculty or staff.  This does not include Grade Appeals.


A confidential source of information and assistance to students concerning university policies and procedures. 

Career Preparation and Support

Help students prepare for life after degree. Internship and CO-OP program available. 

Study Abroad

Opportunities for students to experience life abroad. Application process. 


A virtual platform for students to engage and connect with each other.

Emergency Care Funds

Financial assistance program for students in need of additional funds. Application process.

Class Accommodations

Accommodations can be made for students struggling with accessibility issues. Form is available on Disability Support Services Site

For additional information, please contact Dean of Students Office – Worldwide

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Resources for supporting students including career guidance, writing, APA, and EAGLET.