Advisors can help the student review options like withdrawal and help the student plan for successful completion.  Granting an incomplete or extension remains at the discretion of the instructor.

Managing Extensions

Student Request

You can provide your student up to 30 days to complete missing assignments. Consider providing students only enough time needed for the amount of work due (ex: 1 week if only one module is unfinished). Share a written copy of the extension plan with the student, including due dates and any applicable course policies, and check-in with the student frequently.

Grade Resolution

Your student has requested an extension due to extenuating circumstances. If you agree to support the student beyond the term, you will assign the student a final grade of “I” in Campus Solutions. See Faculty Center Grading Instructions for additional guidance.

Action Plan 

To resolve the extension, grade the work submitted by the student’s final grade. If 30 days have passed, a Grade Change Request form in ERNIE (ACD-12) is required to submit the student’s new grade to the Registrar. Changes cannot be made in Campus Solutions once 30 days have passed after the end of a term. 

Please contact your RCTLE Team for additional support regarding course extensions.


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