The academic community depends on reputable sources as the basis for quality research and writing. Knowing how to identify appropriate resources online is the first step in locating accurate and useful information. The Evaluating Sources online tutorial from the Hunt Library provides a quick primer on evaluating sources for quality.

A word about Wikipedia

While doing research for your course work, you will likely run across information from Wikipedia. While Wikipedia can provide helpful information, it should not be treated or cited as a credible source. As a wiki, anyone can create or modify the information for any entry. There have been many cases (some quite high profile) were erroneous, and even libelous, information has been posted on Wikipedia. If you do look at a Wikipedia entry, note that at the bottom of the page there is usually a list of outside sources and links. Instead use the outside sources for your research, not the Wikipedia entry.

Primary and Secondary Sources from the Hunt Library on Vimeo.


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