Your Online Office

The Online Office is a great place to connect with students in your course and have ungraded discussions to supplement the content of the class. This video demonstrates a few of the ways you can use this space to reach your students.

Engaging Students Online

Engaging students in the online classroom is one way to provide students the opportunity to interact with and digest information in any course. This infographic provides ways to leverage Announcements, Discussions, and other tools in Canvas to engage your students.

Effective Feedback

Learn keys to effective feedback to help your students progress in their studies. This video provides guidance on giving effective feedback to your students.

Creating A Community For The Online Classroom

Online Classroom Community refers to how faculty create a space for students to engage and feel connected to the online environment. Here are some strategies to create a community for the online classroom.

Becoming a Quick Starter

Robert Boice (1991) found some new faculty, which he termed “Quick Starters,” were more positive, sociable, and efficient because of their ability and skill to integrate into the teaching organization. Learn effective strategies for becoming a Quick Starter at ERAU.