Rubrics provide a clear learning target and guides instructional design and delivery. This article provides direction to assist in rubric creation.

Developing Course Policies and Guidelines

As a faculty member for ERAU-W, you are responsible for meeting the requirements and recommendations of FAC-10. This includes creating a late policy (all courses) and attendance policy (for Eaglevision courses only). This article provides guidelines to help you create these policies and others.

Avoiding Grade Inflation

Grade inflation is when the grade point average does not reflect the overall student’s ability in a course.¬†Here are strategies to avoid grade inflation.

Identifying and Supporting Struggling Students in Online Courses

It is important to recognize the differences between online and face-to-face courses. Historically, online students are more likely to withdraw than are online students. Implementing early intervention strategies like instructor presence is key to retaining students. This should be part of your strategy in identifying and supporting struggling students.