Podcasts will provide information, training, workshops, and outreach for ERAU-W faculty. These are published regularly to our site.

Dr. John Boekenoogen Talks Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Dr. John Boekenoogen, the Executive Director of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, shares his passion for online education. He provides insight into the future of RCTLE and how the Embry-Riddle community came together to make sure students continued receiving a world-class education during COVID-19 shutdown. Listen to the interview.

Podcast: Mesha Molitor Talks Zoom

The start of May term at Embry-Riddle Worldwide brings the adoption of a new video conferencing software– Zoom! In this episode Kaitlyn Pickus speaks with Mesha Molitor, the Faculty Developer in charge of training all EagleVision instructors on Zoom. Mesha discusses her favorite features of this new platform and gives us tips about how all…

Dr. Ken Witcher Talks the Embry-Riddle Experience (Part 2)

In this two-part episode, we speak with Dr. Ken Witcher, the Dean of the College of Aeronautics here at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. In Part 2 Dr. Witcher talks about the importance of being passionate about your content, creating a meaningful learning environment for your students, and always keeping up with the changes in the field. Listen…

Podcast: Emily Ackerman Talks Virtual Community

The Virtual Community is a social media platform customized for the academic experience and is available to all WW faculty, students, and staff. The Virtual Community also serves as a portal for Canvas, Outlook, and many other tools that students, staff, and faculty use on a regular basis. Listen to the interview.