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Strategies for Time Management

Time management is sometimes considered one of the most difficult aspects of teaching and learning online. Thankfully, time-saving strategies can be implemented in your daily and weekly routines. A recent article from Faculty Focus outlines ten ways to incorporate these strategies in your course. Also, you can sign up with Faculty Focus to receive free tips and articles about teaching each week. Here are a few time-saving tips:

  • Establish an area for general questions—This strategy allows students to see questions other students have already asked, which eliminates answering the same questions numerous times. Utilizing your Online Office in Canvas in this way benefits students and instructors.
  • Use Existing Resources—Free resources are available online to enhance your announcements, discussions, or feedback. RCTLE’s Resource Website has several videos and tip clips to generate ideas to get you started. Effective Feedback, Creating Effective Announcements, and Socratic Questioning are just a few of the offerings available at RCTLE’s Resource Website.
  • Establish a Routine—Being available at a variety of times during the week will allow you to engage students when they are available online. For instance, you may set up office hours on weekday mornings and additional office hours on weekday nights.


Raines, D. (2011, January 24) Be efficient, not busy: Time management strategies for online teaching. Retrieved from www.facultyfocus.com/articles/online-education/be-efficient-not-busy-time-management-strategies-for-online-teaching/ 


Podcast: Dr. John Boekenoogen, RCTLE Executive Director

In this month’s episode, we speak to the Executive Director of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Dr. John Boekenoogen, about his passion for online education, the future of RCTLE, and how the Embry-Riddle community came together to make sure students continued receiving a world-class education during COVID-19 shutdowns.


New Self-Paced Workshop: Generations in the Online Classroom

Self-Paced Workshops are a great way to hone your practice and/or improve skills.  Self-Paced Workshops are available anytime, allow you to work at your own pace, and take about 2-4 hours to complete. Our newest self-paced workshop offering focuses on generations in the online classroom. By participating in this workshop, you will be able to identify, engage, and interact with different generations in your online classroom. The information from this workshop will support you in being present and active in your course(s) while engaging your students and meeting their individual needs. Self-Enroll today.

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Hurricane Season In A Pandemic

June 1, 2020, marked the start of the hurricane season. These are unprecedented times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This season, coupled with the pandemic, may impact our global student body in ways unlike anything we have experienced before. Be mindful of our students’ circumstances as we work through this academic year and feel free to extend due dates or accept late work as needed to accommodate student needs.

Avoiding grade inflation

Avoiding Grade Inflation

Grade Inflation occurs when faculty award students higher grades not based on their knowledge, merit, or work. Faculty may engage in this behavior advertently or inadvertently. This Tip Clip explains Grade Inflation and best practices to avoid it. In addition, review the Grade Inflation Infographic.

Tip Clip

Virtual Faculty Learning Community (V-FLC): In Full Bloom with Bloom’s Taxonomy

This V-FLC experience is your opportunity to discover the origins of Bloom’s Taxonomy, its connection to your course learning outcomes, and how it impacts learning. Through engagement with other faculty, participants will discover and explore:

  • What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?
  • How appropriate levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy are determined in the development of a course.
  • How instructors may use Bloom’s Taxonomy in the different course modalities.


  • Open to ALL Faculty (WW, DB and PC, Full-Time, and Adjunct)
  • Six-week duration: Monday, August 24th, 2020 – Sunday, October 4th, 2020
  • No face-to-face meetings
  • Weekly discussion topics
  • No participation requirements…engage as much (or as little) as you desire
  • Final Project

Interested? Reserve your spot online. Registration closes 4 p.m. ET on Friday, August 21st.



August Special Session: Extra! Extra! See All About it! EagleVision Extras

Now that you have been using the new EagleVision platform, Zoom, come see some ‘extra’ features. Join our EagleVision guru, Mesha Molitor, Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. as she highlights additional features you can utilize in your upcoming courses. To attend this session, join via EagleVision.

Email us with any questions.

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Request a Communication Tutor for your EagleVision Class

If you are teaching an EagleVision course, you may request a class visit from one of VECTOR’s Virtual Communication Lab tutors at any point during the term. Tutors are ERAU faculty with backgrounds in fields like Communication, English, and Linguistics. Tutors can provide a variety of services, including:

  • A brief introduction to the Virtual Communication Lab (10-15 minutes)
  • In-class workshops on a communication-related topic of your choosing (e.g., organizing academic essays, delivering effective presentations, or using APA format) (30-60 minutes)
  • Feedback sessions for your students’ works-in-progress (60+ minutes depending on class size).

Email VECTOR Assistant Director Meghan Velez for more information at dykemam@erau.edu.

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Help us Spread the Word

VECTOR’s Virtual Communication Lab offers tutoring, workshops, and online resources to support students in all areas of communication written, spoken, visual, and digital. Share this resource with students by posting an announcement with the following message:

Tutors are available for help with any stage of writing, presentation design, e-portfolios, research methods, and Annotated Bibliographies. You may schedule an online appointment with tutors at the Virtual Communication Lab (VCL) for a time that fits your schedule during weekdays and weekends.

Visit their website today.

VECTOR’s Communication Across the Curriculum Workshops

Did you know that VECTOR provides Worldwide faculty with teaching support in all areas of communication? Join us for VECTOR’s monthly teaching workshops: Communication Across the Curriculum.  Upcoming workshop dates and topics are found on VECTOR’s Teaching Support page in ERNIE.

Email VECTOR Interim Director Alex Rister for more information at ristera@erau.edu.

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Simple Syllabus in Online Courses

Starting with the August term, you may notice that the format of your syllabus has changed in your online course. Your syllabus will now be available in Simple Syllabus, a platform that pulls information from the Course Catalogue and Campus Solutions, allowing for a more consistent presentation of information across courses. There is no action required by online instructors.

In addition, the online course syllabus search feature in ERNIE may look a bit different as it now pulls the Simple Syllabus information for each course. To access the syllabus, the search format must include the 4-letter course code (space) 3-digit course number. (Ex: MGMT 201).


Zoom will be known as EagleVision powered by Zoom, and will show on the Canvas Navigation bar as ‘EagleVision Zoom.’ Past meetings created with the Zoom link will be accessible after the change.

Adobe Connect has been decommissioned. If you would like to keep any Adobe Connect recordings, they will need to be downloaded and saved by November 2nd, 2020. See instructions in the IT Support Self-Service knowledge article Creating Offline Recordings.

Faculty Spotlight

Our spotlight this month highlights a few outstanding ERAU-W adjunct faculty. Get to know our faculty better below.

Keith Deaton
Keith Deaton
(Photo: ERAU)

Keith Deaton

  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio. Moved to Florida in ’02 to pursue UG at ERAU, and I’m still here.  
  • Current ERAU Position: Director of Alumni Engagement Worldwide & Adjunct Faculty COB 
  • Current Worldwide location: Daytona Beach, WWHQ Building 1
  • Time at ERAU: 13 years, will be 14 years on Sept. 11th 
  • Favorite part about working at ERAU Worldwide: The community, awesome colleagues, students, and all the alumni we get to engage with across the world!  
  • Favorite teaching strategy/best practice:– Students have different paths, and it is our opportunity to work with them to reach their true potential and complete their degree. 
  • Most interesting work experience: During a Zoom call for alumni, a former student who I helped get into a graduate program told everyone that if it was not for me, he would not be in the position he is now. While I helped get him into grad school, he was the reason for his success, and I just helped where needed.  
  • Favorite quote: Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. 
  • Favorite hobby: Spending time with the family and working out.  
  • Favorite music: Christian and Country  
  • Favorite food: Anything BBQ  

Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
(Photo: Victoria Smith)

Victoria Smith

  • Hometown: I’m from Houston, TX. 
  • Current ERAU Position: I’m adjunct faculty in COAS, specifically English 
  • Current Worldwide location: Houston, TX 
  • Time at ERAU: I taught my first online class in April 2020, but I also taught on the military base and satellite campuses in Fort Worth, TX from 2012-2013. 
  • Favorite part about working at ERAU Worldwide: I love the flexibility in my schedule, and I love the students.  They are some of my best students. 
  • Favorite teaching strategy/best practice: I like to assign reflections, and I also believe in encouraging autonomy.  By the end of the class, I want to be obsolete, in a way, so that students can feel they’ve mastered the content and can execute writing assignments in future classes. 
  • Most interesting work experience: Actually, teaching at an ERAU base was interesting.  I had a DOD badge, which was a first for me, and it was also my first time teaching a predominantly military audience.  It was fun and opened my eyes to the needs of this population. 
  • Favorite quote: “Passion + Persistence = Possibility” Jon Bon Jovi.
  • Favorite hobby: Traveling.
  • Fun fact about yourself: I’m a self-described and proud Crazy Cat Lady.  
  • Favorite music: Classic rock/metal: Queen and KISS, for example. 
  • Favorite food: Cake with buttercream or sugar icing.   
  • Other information you would like to share: I’m passionate about teaching writing, and I love ERAU so far! 

Thomas Holmes, Jr.
Thomas Holmes, Jr.
(Photo: Thomas Holmes, Jr.)

Thomas Holmes, Jr.

  • Hometown: Kansas City Mo. 
  • Current ERAU Position: Adjunct Professor COA WW 
  • Current Worldwide location: Italy 
  • Time at ERAU: 19 years 
  • Favorite part about working at ERAU Worldwide: I enjoy teaching online and on-the-ground, as well as EagleVision Training (EVT) because of the engagement with learners since I have been in their seats before as a military member. However, I found that it was most enjoyable when engaging as a course developer for an ERAU graduate course, which was mentally rewarding for me. 
  • Favorite teaching strategy/best practice: I try to engage in the discussion post as if I was a learner by sharing my knowledge and experience. For many of the assignments, I use the video messaging within Canvas to provide greater clarity on assignment submissions.  
  • Most interesting work experience: Being a maintainer on military jets and traveling around the world was something that I enjoyed. My love for aviation continued in the civilian sector while working as an A&P mech under Part 135 and leading a commercial aviation Part 145 organization for all narrow body and wide body aircraft. I also had the opportunity to be instrumental in the entry into service our first B787 and A380 while working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014. 
  • Favorite quote: To be extremely successful in life, you must have many plates spinning at the same time. If you should happen to drop one, make sure the one that falls it is not made of glass! 
  • Favorite hobby: Sports, rummikub, backgammon, and chess. 
  • Fun fact about yourself: I have 3 acoustic guitars I have had for at least 19 years and never find the time to master playing them. But in the meantime, I keep buying interesting guitars such as the commonly used string folk instrument in Turkey, the baglama. I do plan to master the guitar and harmonica. 
  • Favorite music: Ole Skool sounds from the 70’s (R&B/Spanish guitar jazz). 
  • Favorite food(s): My wife is Italian, and we live in Northern Italy, so it is Italian food (e.g. arancini, lasagna, saltimbocca, minestra di fagioli, pasta, pizza, and gelato). 
  • Other information you would like to share: I am a product of ERAU both undergrad and graduate degrees (B.S. 2000 and MAS 2003). I served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 22.5 years, and later lived and worked in the Middle East initially for GE Aviation from Kuwait to the UAE (Abu Dhabi). I worked for Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, which is now Etihad Airways Engineering, an aircraft maintenance and repair overhaul facility where I was the Vice President of Business Performance and Continuous Innovation. I later changed companies to join AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance Repair Overhaul Center) as the Vice President of Aviation Quality & Safety Standards, which was a certified AS 9110 aviation organization. Today, I am one of the Master Trainers/Consultants for LEORON, PDI conducting various business courses for different industries. 
We want to say Thank you for your support

Thank you for all you do!

RCTLE would like to take a moment and thank the faculty for providing our students such an amazing experience in this time of uncertainty. We are here to support and guide you in your commitment and dedication to their education.