Teaching over the summer can have many benefits including smaller class size and motivated students. As a result of the current global crisis and the COVID 19 pandemic, many students and working adults are finding the change in normal routine is providing an excellent opportunity to focus on degree progression despite current conditions. Amidst these challenges, opportunities to connect and engage at a personal level with students are more present.  

The summer sessions afford faculty with opportunities to highlight interaction and creative approaches in the classroom, which increases engagement with students. To make the most of the summer term, consider increasing frequency of announcements, sharing external resources with students, offering virtual office hours through Zoom, and implementing video announcements/feedback into your Canvas course.  

The primary benefit of enhancing your involvement in classes begins with the dialogue you initiate. Ask questions, share your expertise, and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and support from your RCTLE Team. You will gain valuable perspective about what students want and give you the insight and confidence to learn new skills and utilize more tools in future terms. As always, your RCTLE team is here to support you, and we are available for consultations and course reviews anytime.

For more tips and tricks to make the most of your summer sessions, look at this article 5 Reasons Teaching in Summer is Good from Wiley Plus.

Student Demographics

Your RCTLE team would like to remind you that your May term course demographics may include a larger number of students from our residential campuses in Daytona Beach and Prescott than previous terms. It is important to note that these students will appear on the same roster in the Canvas classroom but are housed on separate rosters in Campus Solutions. Therefore, you will need to change the term to input final grades for residential students.  

Have a wonderful May term! If you have any questions about teaching strategies in the online or Zoom modalities, please reach out to our Faculty Developer team at rctle@erau.edu.

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Shift to Zoom

ERAU is transitioning from Adobe Connect to a newly acquired technology, Zoom. As always, you will access your MMT course through Canvas. Zoom is also available in all ERAU-Worldwide courses. Feel free to try Zoom for your online office hours and share your experience on the RCTLE eUnion page.  

All faculty preparing to teach an EagleVision powered by Zoom course will receive training. However, if you are teaching online, RCTLE also offers the Zoom Resource training to better familiarize yourself with the features available in this tool. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Make the most of your summer schedule and use it as an opportunity to invest in yourself. Summer is a great time of year to reflect on your current methods, learn new skills, and set goals to implement in the new academic year.  

Here are a few tools and resources to consider: 

  1. RCTLE Self-Paced Workshops (approx. 2-4 hours), like Video Use for Beginners and Advanced Uses for Video.
  2. ERAU’s Organizational Development and Professional Education departments provide several learning opportunities including certificate programs.

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“What I learned was that connecting is never about me. It’s about the person with whom I’m communicating. Similarly, when you are trying to connect with people, it’s not about you—it’s about them. If you want to connect with others, you have to get over yourself. You have to change the focus from inward to outward, off of yourself and onto others.” 

-John Maxwell

Maxwell, J. (2009, September 14). Connecting is all about others. Retrieved May 26, 2020, from https://www.johnmaxwell.com/blog/connecting-is-all-about-others/

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Travel Tip

Did you know ERAU offers discounts and perks for ERAU students, staff, and faculty members? Discount options include dining, entertainment, retail benefits, and travel benefits. A complete list is available on the Human Resources Discounts & Perks page in ERNIE. 

Special Session

Two Flowers in the Same Garden: The relationship between face-to-face and online instruction

Save the date: June 10, 2020 8am & 2pm ET

In this live webinar, RCTLE Faculty Developer Dr. Liz Cummins will outline ways to translate the best aspects of face-to-face teaching to the online environment. Liz will share her own personal experience moving from classroom instruction to online education while examining how both have more in common than they may seem. Emphasis will be placed on the methods that make all teaching dynamic no matter what modality is used. Additionally, she will share time-saving tips for grading to help you focus on the end goal of illuminating the course material for students while also addressing their concerns in a timely manner.

To attend this session, please join via Zoom through the Faculty Resources site in Canvas, which is accessed by selecting Zoom from the course navigation menu. From the RCTLE Upcoming Meetings page, select the Join button for the Special Session.

Leveraging Video For Feedback

Are you looking to enhance the feedback you provide to students? Many opportunities are available to enhance traditional feedback in the grade book with video feedback. Check out this tip clip to learn more.

Tip Clip
Photograph of Mesha
Mesha Molitor, Faculty Developer

Podcast: Mesha Molitor talks Zoom!

The start of May term at Embry-Riddle Worldwide brings the adoption of a new video conferencing software– Zoom! In this episode, Kaitlyn Pickus speaks with Mesha Molitor, the Faculty Developer in charge of training all EagleVision instructors on Zoom. Mesha discusses her favorite features of this new platform and gives us tips about how teachers can use Zoom to engage their students. Tune-in to learn more.

Challenge: Where in the World is ERA-U?

One of the unique aspects of Embry-Riddle culture is our students and faculty are scattered around the world, which makes us a truly global university. This summer, as you embark on a staycation, explore your local area, or work, wear your ERAU gear; we’d love to hear about where in the world U are.

Visit the RCTLE eUnion to share your photos and adventures with your ERAU colleagues  

Spotlight: Dr. Elizabeth Cummins

The RCTLE team is excited to introduce our newest team member and Faculty Developer, Dr. Elizabeth Cummins (Liz).


I am very excited to be joining the staff of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence as a faculty developer. For the last ten years, I have taught both online and face-to-face classes at various institutions. I received my Ph.D. in Art History from Emory University in 2013. At Embry-Riddle, I envision helping faculty reach their highest potential both inside and outside of the online classroom, and I look forward to meeting each of you!  

Elizabeth Cummins
Dr. Elizabeth Cummins, Faculty Developer

Unusual Fact

My research focus is Egyptology, which has taken me to some interesting locales. (It’s not at all like Indiana Jones, and I’ve never had to fight the undead—well, not yet.) I enjoy reading, going to museums, and trying new restaurants. 

Favorite Teaching Strategy

When I teach, I like to build flexibility into my assignments. I still have a rubric in order to give direction on the goals of the activity, but I think it is important to allow room for the student to take an idea and run with it, especially if their passion is ignited. I feel this is where the love for lifelong learning is built—when the student has clear goals but is allowed to truly connect with the material.  

Favorite Quote

“This above all-to thine own self be true”

—William Shakespeare 

Shakespeare, W. (1992). Hamlet, prince of Denmark. C. Watts & K. Carabine (Eds.). Wordsworth Editions. (Original work published 1599)

Most Interesting Work Experience

In February 2011, I was working as an assistant Egyptologist at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo when the Egyptian revolution started. After a bit of a complicated process, I was finally able to evacuate to Istanbul with the US State Department.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. MK Gorman

Dr. MK Gorman
(Photo: MK Gorman)

College of Aeronautics

BSSM Program Chair

Dr. Donna Roberts

Dr. Donna Roberts
(Photo: ERAU)

College of Arts & Sciences

Department Chair, Applied Sciences

Dr. Daisha Merritt

Dr. Daisha Merritt
(Photo: ERAU)

College of Business

Associate Department Chair, Department of Management & Technology