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As summer winds down, you may be re-examining your professional goals for the year. RCTLE provides several opportunities to support you with your teaching and development. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find the latest news from ERAU-W, professional development offerings, and even a free e-book!  As always, please feel free to reach out to any of our RCTLE staff members with questions, or if you would like to chat about ways to take your course to the next level!

Upcoming Events / Offerings

August Special Session: Rubrics: A Way to Support Student Success

Rubrics are available in the majority of ERAU courses. Rubrics provide faculty members an opportunity to grade an assignment against a standard, provide a level of consistency with grading, and allow for another opportunity to provide personalized feedback. They also make important contributions to course and program outcome data collection and are an integral part of the accreditation process. Join us for a Special Session where we look at best practices for using Rubrics and how to utilize this assessment tool as a way to engage your students.

Join us live on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 @ 8 am ET or 3 pm ET via EagleVision Zoom through the Faculty Resources site in Canvas.

Virtual Escape Room

Itching for adventure? Want to master a challenge? You can attain these goals without leaving your home by joining us for a Virtual Escape Room experience. This Virtual Escape Room is an opportunity for faculty to experience a combination of entertainment and classroom pedagogy. By participating in this Virtual Escape Room, you will:

  • Apply pedagogical best practices to solve the Virtual Escape Room tasks.
  • Practice how to solve each puzzle in the Virtual Escape Room.
  • Solve the Virtual Escape Room.
  • Apply Virtual Escape Room elements to the classroom.
  • The Virtual Escape Room open on Monday, July 26 and will close on Sunday, August 8.

Interested? Email or self-enroll.


Jesse Stommel, the co-founder of the Hybrid Pedagogy website and faculty member at the University of Colorado-Boulder, started a hashtag on Twitter in 2016 entitled #4wordpedagogy. It is a way instructors can reflect on the heart of their teaching philosophy. What is a four-word phrase that sums up how you feel about teaching? We encourage you to go to eUnion and give it a try! Visit the Complete eUnion Guide to learn more about the eUnion and the RCTLE page.

Participate Now

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What does it mean to be resilient? (Free e-book below!)

It is a term being used quite frequently to describe the practices of faculty and staff in higher education during the pandemic. Merriam Webster’s definition of “resilient” states, “tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” There is a new open-resource e-book (free and available to everyone) entitled, Resilient pedagogy: Practical teaching strategies to overcome distance, disruption, and distraction.  The book is a collection of essays that address several topics including equitable and effective teaching practices, empathy in the classroom, and asynchronous discussions. Enjoy!

Thurston, T. N., Lundstrom, K., & González, C. (Eds.) (2021). Resilient pedagogy: Practical teaching strategies to overcome distance, disruption, and distraction. Utah State University.

Virtual Faculty Learning Community (V-FLC)

Virtual Faculty Learning Community coming in October! V-FLC is open to all faculty from across Embry-Riddle. Look for future dates and deadlines in upcoming announcements in E-Union, in your College Resource Site, and on our Events page.

Podcast: Dr. Maneesh Sharma Talks the Future of Higher Education

Maneesh Sharma, Ph.D.

(Photo: ERAU)

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Maneesh Sharma, the Dean of the College of Business. Dr. Sharma discusses his road to ERAU, the COB’s new Stackable Courses program, and what makes Embry-Riddle a great place to receive an education. He also offers advice about ways to provide our students an education that holds up in the field and gives insight about the future of higher education.

Listen Now


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Canvas Captions for Videos

Did you know that Canvas can auto-generate captions for your videos? If you record a short video for your class (for example, for your announcements or discussions), you can have captions added to increase the accessibility of your content and provide a more equitable and inclusive classroom for your students.

Just follow these steps to add captions to your video:

  1. Log into Canvas Studio.
  2. Select the video where you would like to add captions.
  3. Under the video, select Captions.
  4. Select the language that matches the video and select Request.
  5. You’ll receive a notification from Canvas when the captions are ready for your review.
  6. Finally, you can edit and review the captions to make sure they match exactly what you are saying.
  7. Select Publish.

Adding captions is a great way to provide students with multiple ways to engage with the material you are posting. Some students with special needs require text formats, but even if you haven’t received a letter of accommodation, captions are a great way to ensure ALL students have equal access to the valuable resources you are adding to your course.

For more information about how to support all students, including students with disabilities visit the Dean of Students – Worldwide (requires login) page in ERNIE.

Special Announcements

Breaking Canvas News

Canvas has implemented a new function to save your frequently used feedback comments. Visit the Canvas News – SpeedGrader Efficiency post on the RCTLE Resource Website for best practices for using this new Canvas Tool.

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College of Business – Worldwide Faculty Award Winners

Recently, the College of Business at Worldwide announced the faculty award winners for the 2020 year. Congratulations to the faculty listed below. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to student success.

  • Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty of Year Award Winner: Doreen McGunagle
  • Faculty of the Practice Faculty of Year Award Winner: Daisha Merritt
  • Scholarship Award Winner – Bob Walton
  • Lifelong Learning Award Winner – Daisha Merritt
  • Teaching Award Winner – Stephanie Douglas
  • Service Award Winner – Valerie Denney
  • Adjunct Award Winner–Marvin Parker

RCTLE and Quality Matters

Quality Matters logo
(Logo: Quality Matters)

Your RCTLE Team is committed to building a culture of continuous improvement. As part of that commitment and in an effort to improve the quality of online learning, some of your RCTLE colleagues have dedicated time and effort to earning certifications through Quality Matters. We wanted to take this opportunity to recognize those achievements and certifications here. Congratulations!

Photograph of Danielle Aming
(Photo: Danielle Aming)

Danielle Aming: Faculty Developer

  • QM-Certified Higher Education Peer Reviewer
Photograph of Angie
(Photo: Angela Atwell)

Angela Atwell: Associate Director

  • QM-Certified Higher Education Peer Reviewer
  • QM-Certified Online Facilitator
Elizabeth Cummins
(Photo: Elizabeth Cummins)

Liz Cummins: Faculty Developer

  • QM-Certified Higher Education Peer Reviewer
Photograph of Jamie
(Image: Jamie Sipe)

Jamie Sipe: Faculty Quality Manager

  • QM-Certified Online Facilitator
  • QM-Certified Higher Education Peer Reviewer
  • QM-Certified Higher Education Master Reviewer
  • QM-Certified K-12 Course Reviewer

If you are interested in learning more about Quality Matters, how to apply it in the classroom, or participate in training opportunities, reach out to anytime!


The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuit of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

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