Happy February!

Hopefully, you are all making a smooth transition into the new year.  As promised, your RCTLE Team has a lot in store for 2019.  We are excited to have you join us for some new offerings and great collaboration. 

We started off this year with our first “Tip Clip” for January, highlighting the ERAU Hunt Library Resources for Instructors including the “Ask a Librarian” feature. This month’s Tip Clip gives you strategies for quick communications with students.  

Collaboration with fellow instructors is a great way to learn and share about best practices both in and out of the classroom.  See below for an invitation to join the Spring Virtual Faculty Learning Community guaranteed to cover topics that are high on your priority list.  Your communications will drive the topics covered. 

Recently, ERAU  implemented a new university-wide signature block to be used in our emails.  Read on to find out more information on how to implement the new guidelines.

As always, your RCTLE team is available for you at any time.  

Tip Clip

Welcome to the February Tip Clip!  This month’s Tip Clip is highlighting some of the quickest and effective ways to communicate with your students through their Canvas grade book.  Some of you may be familiar with these tips, so this is a reminder of how awesome they are! 

This Tip Clip was created with PowToon.  This is an amazing tool that you can use in your courses now.  Also, the Academic Technology Team highlighted this tool this month in their AT ERAU series.

More resources for faculty from the Hunt Library.

Icon Tip Clip


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Participate in the Spring Virtual Faculty Learning Community – “Love What You Do (Because You Spend A Lot Of Time Doing It)”

This experience is all about you.  The Spring V-FLC will cover topics that are important to you as an instructor, mentor, and individuals like avoiding burnout, keeping your teaching fresh, ergonomics, and stress management.  The weekly topics will be selected based on interest and will follow the lead of the group.  In the V-FLC, you will have a chance to connect with your peers teaching around the world using a variety of educational technology tools. 


  • Open to ALL Faculty
  • 6 Weeks:  Monday, March 3, 2019 – Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Weekly discussions with topics selected by you
  • Create and submit an inspirational message at the end of the experience

Interested?  Let us know by sending an email to rctle@erau.edu.

Registration closes Friday, February 15th.

New Signature Block

Recently, ERAU implemented a new university-wide guideline for the signature block in our email.  The guidelines for the new Email Signature Block were created by University Marketing and Communications.  These guidelines were created in an effort to present a more professional, uniform, and consistent look with University messaging and communication.  Learn more about ERAU’s brand standards and the Email Signature Block requirements. 

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Self-Paced Workshops

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They are here!  RCTLE is happy to introduce our Self-Paced Workshops.  These workshops are not required, but optional professional development focused on specific teaching and learning topics.  They will be available for 3 months on the RCTLE site, but will only take 2-4 hours to complete.  We hope to offer a variety of SPWs every quarter for you to choose from.  Our goal is for you to leave with something you can use right away in your classes.  The first roll-out of SPWs will be available from Feb 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019.  View the Self-Paced Workshop page for current offerings.

In addition to our regularly scheduled offerings, we are always here to support you, when you need us.  We are happy to talk through the course set-up process, discuss various teaching strategies and/or troubleshoot grading and feedback concerns.  If you would like to chat with us about your course, please complete the Consultation Form.  We will contact you to set up a time to answer your specific questions.

In addition, we will have open office hours on February 21st @ 9 AM ET in the RCTLE EagleVision Room. These office hours are a great time to talk about strategies to enhance your own office hours. We look forward to working with you. 

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Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment Virtual Conference

Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment: The Virtual Conference
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Your RCTLE has purchased an institutional registration for the upcoming Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment Virtual Conference. This conference offers over 60 one-hour live and interactive sessions you can attend for free from the comfort of your own home! The sessions begin at 8:30 am PST on Monday, February 4th and will run each weekday until Friday, February 15th.

To attend a session, simply click on the link to the right of the session title under the “Connect to Session” column at its scheduled date and time. All session times are based on the Pacific time zone, so you may need to adjust the times as necessary to meet your specific time zone. When asked to type your name, please include your first name, last name, and institution (ERAU).  Enjoy!

Teaching Tip:  Setting up your Workspace

The quality of your workspace is integral to your productivity and happiness!  Here are some strategies that can help you feel more comfortable and work more productively in your workspace.

• Have a dedicated workspace.  A dedicated room with a door would be preferable in keeping out distractions and noise.  Being out of high traffic areas in your home would also reduce distractions. If it isn’t possible to have a separate room, a dedicated area is the next best thing.

• Design your space so that everything is within reach.  Everything you need should be within reach to keep the workflow from coming to a screeching halt.  Also, have an organization system that works for you.  For some that is a filing system or ways to keep the desktop clear of clutter and unnecessary items.  

• Respect your workspace.  Not only should you have a dedicated space, but also a dedicated schedule.  Establish your work hours and create a schedule to block out time for tasks. 

• Invest in a good chair that fits your needs.  There are even some DIY options for a sit-stand desk that could be beneficial. The key is that you are comfortable as you work.

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You all made it possible!  Thank you for your hard work in helping us to be recognized as having one of the best online programs in the nation, once again.

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The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuit of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

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