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The Canvas Community is a great resource for any instructor.  Check out this month’s Tip Clip: The The artifact requested was not found to learn more about how you can not only use the resources available but also get involved in improving our Learning Management System (LMS).

While you are in RCTLE eUnion, be sure to contribute to the active discussions with your colleagues. 

Did You Know?

The Academic Advisors and Student Affairs Department are both great resources for students and faculty.  It’s now easier than ever to contact your student support units. Review Partnering To Support Student Success for examples of when to contact your students’ Academic Advisors and/or Student Affairs. 

Strategies to Spark a Sense of Community

Outstanding teachers are always looking for ways to boost participation.  Try out some of the strategies listed below to spark engagement and connection within your course.

  • Be a role model for your students.  If you want students to use video, be sure to use it yourself.  When you are responding, be sure to use proper APA formatting. Go above and beyond the expectation and students will follow your lead.
  • Be a liaison for students to connect with each other.  Remind your students of the different ways they can connect with each other as well as the benefits of reaching out.  In discussion boards, refer students to posts of other students.
  • Encourage students to share their knowledge and experiences.  This is a great way to apply the course concepts.  Ask probing questions to get students to elaborate on their responses.  It helps when you share your experiences and connect them with the topics as well.

Read more about creating a classroom community in this recent article from The artifact requested was not found.

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Check-in with RCTLE

Your RCTLE team is here to support you as you prepare to teach, begin teaching and/or look for new strategies and tools to improve your teaching.  Feel free to reach out to us anytime by emailing or completing the Consultation Request Form. We can’t wait to chat with you.


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