June EV-Anar 
Your Class Roster: For more than just attendance

Creating a sense of community is so important in any modality.  Using your roster effectively can help you to support struggling students, create networking opportunities, and deepen learning experiences.

Join us as we explore some strategies for using your class roster to make meaningful connections with your students. Join during one of the following times: 

  • Tuesday, June 6th at 10:00 am ET
  • Tuesday, June 6th at 8:00 pm ET
  • Wednesday, June 7th at 2:00 pm ET

Let’s Continue the Discussion!

Join us on the RCTLE eUnion to continue the conversation. June’s discussion question will be:

How do you make connections with your students and extend their learning beyond the modules? 

people around a table
(Image: Ricarda Mölck, Pixabay)

Our RCTLE Office Hours for the month of June will be on:

Wednesday, June 28th at 11:00 am and 8:00 pm ET. 

Please register ahead of time. If there are no registrants for the 8:00 pm session by 2 pm ET on June 28th, it will be canceled.

The RCTLE Receives a Grant from the POD Network to Offer Professional Development

Last year, your RCTLE was awarded a grant from The Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education (POD) to begin a Virtual Community of Practice for ERAU Adjunct Instructors focused on improving teaching and learning in the online modality.

Pod Network
(Image: The POD Network)

Recently, the RCTLE received another grant from POD to continue this collaborative opportunity. This optional RCTLE offering will be open to all ERAU faculty, both full-time and adjunct, and will focus on providing effective feedback to your students. We will share some excellent resources and will pilot some exciting new software during this experience. Later this summer, we will begin recruiting volunteers—so keep a lookout for more information.


The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuit of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

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