This Month…

  • Watch this month’s Tip Clip on non-verbal communication.
  • Participate in a discussion on the RCTLE eUnion.
  • Take time to reflect on your teaching.
  • Join your RCTLE team for Office Hours.
  • Update your Office Hours in EagleVision.
  • Review the 2019-2020 Worldwide Catalog.

Tip Clip: Non-Verbal Communication In Your Online Course

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Non-verbal communication exists in online classes and it can make or break your efforts to create a productive and respectful classroom community.  View this month’s Tip Clip for some useful strategies to ensure that you are communicating the way you intend, both verbally and non-verbally. 

Be sure to chime in on this month’s discussion with strategies you use to ensure your non-verbal communication increases your instructor presence.

Make Time to Reflect

In our fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find time to reflect on your own practice.  Whether you are closing out, winding down or taking a term off, making time to reflect is crucial to your own growth as an instructor.  Take the time to think about what went well, what didn’t work well and what you can do to improve moving forward.

It’s also useful to invite reflections from your students.  Beyond the end of course survey, students have valuable input that can improve the course as a whole. Here are three advantages to making time for student reflections during the term.

  1. Asking how things are going may change a learner’s perspective about you and your course. When you are able to address confusion and clarify concepts, a student’s attitude about the course can improve.
  2. Asking students for feedback during the term allows them to practice the art of providing constructive feedback.  This is a skill that will be beneficial in and out of the classroom.
  3. Information gathered from students during the term allows you to make small adjustments which can equate to big differences for students. 
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RCTLE Office Hours

Office Hours are a great way to connect with your students.  Join us for Office Hours on Wednesday, June 26th @ 11AM in the RCTLE EagleVision Room to chat about strategies to entice participation in your office hours and make participation worthwhile for your students.

Time To Update Your EagleVision Office Hours!

Do you remember when you created your EagleVision Office Hours? If it was prior to May 15, 2019, we have made some changes to EagleVision and you will need to update to the latest template! To get the latest template to follow, these steps:

  1. In your Canvas Sandbox, delete your Office Hours by selecting the drop-down menu next to the gear icon and select delete. Note: If you have recordings that you would like to keep, you will need to save those on your computer prior to deleting your Office Hours. Please contact us at for more information on saving your recordings.
  2. Then, in the popup window, confirm ‘Yes’ and click OK. This will allow you to create your new Office Hours which will contain the latest template. For help creating your new Office Hours, please watch the Office Hours video located under the Set-Up section of the Faculty Resource Course’s EagleVision page.

As always if you have any questions related to EagleVision or your Office Hours, please feel free to contact us

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Did You Know?

The 2019-2020 Worldwide Catalog is now available for faculty and students. The catalog includes useful information about the worldwide campus, links to specific departments as well as specific guidance for various university policies.  

It can be helpful to bookmark the catalog and refer to it or refer your students as needed. 


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