Beware the Ides of March!

Shakespeare coined this phrase in his play “Julius Caesar”.

However, we know you are not afraid of March 15th & are getting ready for spring!  Some of you are finishing up courses and some of you are just starting.  March is an exciting time of year! RCTLE has many things to celebrate as well!

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We will share our “Tip Clip” for March, where we discuss using rubrics in the classroom while showcasing another tech tool you can use. 

Heather Rozar-Bergmann, a faculty developer, is sharing how to address generational differences in the classroom during our quarterly Special Session.

We encourage you to visit RCTLE eUnion! Make sure to join the discussions we have going on to share ideas and questions with your colleagues.  

Our Self-Paced Workshops have gotten off to a great start!  Make sure to self-enroll using the link provided below.

We will also highlight the AT ERAU video showcased for the month of March.

We would love to see you during office hours this month!  It would be a great mid-day break to talk to each of you.

Finally, if you would like to discuss anything one on one, please fill out the consultation form below.  We are always here for you.

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RCTLE wants to start this issue by celebrating all the changes going on!  Recently, we became part of the Department of Online Education Worldwide, and now the Faculty Quality Managers have joined us!  tay tuned as we keep everyone updated on our changing structure!

On that note, the FQMs would like to give a shout-out to the new department chairs in the COA: Jim Solti (graduate programs) and Keith Wilson (undergraduate programs), as well as the interim department chair for Security and Emergency Services in the COAS, Steve Craft.  Congratulations!

Make sure to check out the Tip Clip for March!  This month’s Tip Clip is discussing why students don’t appear to use the rubric when completing assignments.  The clip offers suggestions for how you can address this as the instructor.  We know some of you are excellent at having your students use the rubric.  We would love for you to share with us: What are some ideas or strategies you have for making students more successful in completing assignments?

This Tip Clip was created with Animatron.  This is an amazing free tool that you can use to create those cool videos where it looks like you are writing on a whiteboard. Watch the Tip Clip: Teaching Rubrics and how to use a rubric to increase student achievement. Come join the discussion.

Icon Tip Clip

RCTLE Special Session

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Come join Heather Rozar-Bergmann as she facilitates an interactive presentation on Generational Differences in the Online Classroom. When addressing diversity in the classroom we think of issues with culture, race, gender, or religion.  However, one of the largest growing contributors to diversity in our current classrooms is the generational differences of our students.  The classroom of today is ever-changing due to technology and globalization. 

What are some strategies that you can use to ensure that you are providing each student with the best learning experience? Knowing your students gives insight into how they learn best.  Join us for this month’s special session on Generational Differences in the Online Classroom.  Share your experiences and ideas as we collaborate on how to teach in a multi-generational classroom in the RCTLE eUnion.

Self-Paced Workshops

They are off to a great start!  Some of your colleagues have completed every workshop!  Great job!  RCTLE wants to remind you about our new Self-Paced Workshops (SPW).  These workshops are not required, but optional professional development focused on specific teaching and learning topics.  They will run for 2 more months on the RCTLE site.  They only take 2-4 hours to complete.  Our goal is for you to leave with something you can use right away in your classes.  The SPWs will be available until April 30, 2019.  View the Self-Paced Workshop page for current offerings.

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Academic Tech has posted a video highlighting Canvas Notification Settings. These settings allow you to personalize how and when you receive notifications from your courses. Learn something new in less than 2 minutes!

Watch the video: Adjusting the Canvas Notification settings to learn how to change your notification preferences.

Expect a new video to be posted in the Faculty Resource Course every month.

Coffee Talk

Take a coffee break and join us on March 20th @ 9 AM ET in the RCTLE EagleVision Room during our monthly office hours.  We will focus on creating a positive classroom culture.  Please pop in to connect with your colleagues and share strategies for how you create a positive classroom culture. We look forward to chatting with you. 

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We are really fungi (fun guys)!

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We really want to hear what is going on in your classes.  We are happy to talk through the course set-up process, discuss various teaching strategies and/or troubleshoot grading and feedback concerns.  If you would like to chat with us one on one, please complete the Consultation Form.  We will contact you to set up a time to answer your specific questions.


The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuit of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

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