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April showers bring May flowers…..and more opportunities to share and learn best practices with your RCTLE!  In this May issue of our newsletter, RCTLE would like you to join us in the following professional development opportunities. 

  • Tip Clip and Discussion
  • May Special Session
  • Office Hours and Individual Consultations
  • OLC Innovate Virtual Conference Recordings
  • Teaching Tip
  • AT ERAU Video: Microsoft tools

Please see below for more details on these topics and opportunities to join in on the conversation!

Tip Clip: Introduction to Arc in Canvas

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Arc is a new communication tool within Canvas that allows teachers and students to collaborate through video and audio media.  Arc promotes course engagement, offers reporting analytics about video views, and has many features that allow users to comment directly on the media timeline.   

Communication with students and providing effective feedback are essential elements to encouraging participation and active learning in your course. This month’s Tip Clip: Introduction to Arc-Canvas Studio! demonstrates how you can use Arc to make better connections with your students and encourage active collaboration.

Learn more from the Canvas Studio Overview guide.

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May Special Session
Agentic Feedback: A model of proactive recipience

Giving feedback to students is hard work!  The least students could do is read it!  Dr. Cassidy-Floyd, one of our Faculty Developers, will demonstrate strategies you can use in your classes to have students participate in feedback using the perspective of Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory.  Come away more informed about how to get your students actively engaged in the feedback process.

Join us in this Special Session on May 22, at 8 AM and 2 PM ET, to interact with your colleagues and leave with techniques to guarantee students will use their feedback to increase their learning. You can join us in the RCTLE EagleVision Room.

RCTLE Office Hours and Individual Consultations

Come join us on May 29th at 11 AM ET in our RCTLE EagleVision Room during our monthly office hours.  This month’s special session focuses on feedback.  We encourage you to pop in and connect with your colleagues to share strategies for how you incorporate feedback in your online course.  What feedback strategies do you find are most effective for your students?  Is there a new tool or strategy you are curious about?  We look forward to learning and sharing best practices with you. 

If you have specific questions about your own classroom and best practices, please reach out to us with the Faculty Consultation Request Form.  This is a great way to set aside time with one of our Faculty Developers to help you improve your practice. 

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OLC Innovate Virtual Conference Recordings

Logo: Online Learning Consortium
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Did you miss out on the 2019 Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate Conference that was held April 3rd through April 5th?  No worries!  RCTLE can help you access the over 100 session recordings that were streamed live earlier in the month.  Contact us at for login information.

Teaching Tip: Take time to reflect on your teaching

As we become absorbed by the day to day demands of teaching, it is normal that our focus becomes trained on the course deliverables and not the learning process.  It is important that we take time to reflect on our teaching practice and how our students are learning.  To learn more about the impact your own reflection can have on your teaching practice and your student’s learning experience, please review the following resources below.

Smith, N. (October 30, 2012). Reflective Practice in Higher Education Instruction. The evolllution. Retrieved from

Self-reflection on teaching. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Tools: hammer, file, plyers, wrench, tape measure and others
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Academic Technology has released the sixth video in its AT ERAU series.  This newest video highlights the free tools available to you from Microsoft.  Learn something new in less than 2 minutes! Take some time to review the newest resource below.

Check out the Keep Learning post for Free Microsoft tools that are available for students and instructors.  Learn about some of Academic Tech’s favorite tools, how they are used, and how to access them. 

You can also view the Just-In-Time page for all previous video releases in this series.


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