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  •  Log on to th RCTLE EagleVision Room for this month’s EV-Anar: Team-Based Learning
  • Read the Teaching Tip: How to make sure students read feedback
  • Participate in one of our discussions on the RCTLE eUnion
  • Chat with us about collaborative learning environments during our office hours
  • View our Special Session on Classroom Assessment Techniques  

Learn more about these events below and see our Events page to add live sessions to your calendar.

October EV-Anar – Team-Based Learning

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(Graphic: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay)

Success in aviation requires effective teamwork from a wide range of aviation professionals.  However, teamwork can be difficult to implement in online learning environments.  This session will describe the team-based learning (“TBL”) methodology which includes: prework, individual readiness assurance tests, team readiness assurance tests, team application exercises, and peer evaluation.

Come join Brian O’Dwyer, faculty from the College of Business, as he talks about team-based learning!

This EV-Anar will be hosted live on:

  • Tuesday 16th October 8am Eastern
  • Thursday 18th October 11am Eastern 

See our Events page to add a session that works for your schedule to your calendar.

Teaching Tip! Why don’t students read feedback?

It’s something we hear often: faculty are using all the mark-up tools, but students don’t access their feedback.

  • Make sure you put in your course policies and announcements that you will be embedding feedback comments into their assignments.
  • Ask students if they know how to access the feedback.  If not, encourage them to read the following Canvas Guides (or if you are feeling innovative, make a screencast showing them how).
  • Do something in your feedback that encourages a response to feedback.  For instance, you can simply ask students to acknowledge your feedback.  Or you can ask a question in the feedback for students to clarify with you.  You can always post an announcement that says “Thank you to all of those who answered my feedback.  If you haven’t yet, please go look and get back to me.”
  • Students should always find value in the feedback.  Faculty Focus had a great article this month entitled Faculty Focus: The Need for Balanced Feedback by: Ronald C. Jones. 
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Go to the discussions on the RCTLE eUnion to let us know what you do to encourage students to read feedback!

Come have a gourd time with RCTLE!

(Photo: MaxxGirr, Pixabay)

Join our office hours in RCTLE EagleVision Room on October 31st @ 2 PM ET. See our Events page to add our office hours to your calendar.

Share the strategies you use to develop a collaborative learning environment in this month’s discussion on the RCTLE eUnion.

Remember, there are a number of other discussions open each month.  So, come and share your thoughts or ask your questions and get feedback from your peers around the world.

RCTLE Special Session by Sara Ombres: Are Students Learning? How do you know?

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are quick, effective ways to formatively assess your students’ learning. These ungraded activities can help you address questions and confusion early on and help your students be more successful in the course! There are many different types of CATs and CATs can be implemented in EagleVision, classroom, and online courses. In this session, we will discuss some of the most common CATs and what the research says about how CATs can help the learning experience. You’ll also have a chance to develop some of your own to use while you teach.

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 If you’d like to learn more about CATs, please attend one of the following sessions:

  • Wednesday, October 10th at 8 am ET
  • Wednesday, October 10th at 8 pm ET

See our Events to add a session that works for your schedule to your calendar. 

We are excited to engage in discussions with you on the RCTLE eUnion, and we look forward to seeing you at the EV-Anar, Special Session, and the office hours this month!


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