Exciting News from The Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence!

Recently, your RCTLE team has undergone some changes that we know will positively impact the support we provide to our Worldwide faculty. Mesha Molitor, formerly an Academic Technology Trainer, has joined our team as a Faculty Developer.  She will continue to focus on EagleVision training and provide ongoing support for any technology used for teaching.  In addition, your Faculty Developers have joined forces with the Faculty Quality Management Team.  The Faculty Quality Managers already provide just-in-time coaching for our faculty during the term.  Now, a Faculty Developer will join each college team to ensure personalized support and individualized offerings.  Please see the new organization chart below for more information on who will be supporting you and your college moving forward.

Organicational Chart of the RCTLE 2019
(Image: RCTLE)

In addition, your RCTLE has a new leader. As Executive Director, Dr. John Boekenoogen will focus on strategy for the department.  As a start, your RCTLE has a new mission.

The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuits of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

We are so excited about these changes and we, at RCTLE look forward to supporting you into the future.

Welcome Dr. John Boekenoogen

Dr. John Boekenoogen is the new Executive Director for the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Arizona, a Master of Science in International Relations from Troy University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Trident International University. Dr. Boekenoogen has been involved in education for the past twenty years and has taught middle-school, high-school, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses.

John spent time working in Washington D.C. for two educational foundations and he co-founded a non-profit educational corporation. He is an amateur military historian, and still finds time to spend with his wife and two children. Dr. Boekenoogen has worked for the University of Arizona library system, University of Florida eLearning Support Services, University of Oklahoma’s professional and continuing studies programs, and now with Embry-Riddle’s Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

John enjoys reading all things science fiction and has even published his own science fiction novel. He and his family are huge Disney fans and enjoy visiting the House of Mouse as often as they can. 

Cartoon of John Boekenoogen
(Image: John Boekenoogen)

Welcome to our new Faculty Developers!

Photograph of Danielle Aming
Danielle Aming, Ed.D Faculty Developer

Danielle Aming

Hello Everyone. My name is Danielle Aming and I am a Faculty Developer for the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (RCTLE) at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. My background is in higher education, working with students as an Academic Advisor, developing training and professional development for staff and student workers, and as an adjunct faculty. The majority of my experience has been at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. I also earned my most recent degree, a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, from the University of Central Florida. I believe that positive student interactions from everyone at the institution impact a student’s retention and degree completion and that faculty are one of the most important assets an institution can utilize regarding student success. In regards to professional development, I believe this is one of the most important aspects of a career to remain innovative and up to date on best practices.

Robert Saum

Hello everyone!  I am Rob Saum, a Faculty Developer for the RCTLE at Embry-Riddle Worldwide. Over the last two decades, I have served in a variety of faculty support roles ranging from instructional technologist to interactive media design and development. I am a life-long learner and enjoy helping others learn new technologies and teaching approaches.

I look forward to learning from you about your best practices and sharing my own experiences.  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, reading, and coding.

Canvas Stu, Stu, Studio

The new Canvas video feature was recently re-branded as Studio (formerly Arc). In this month’s Tip Clip, we would like to highlight the analytics feature in Studio and the amazing things it allows you to see and do.  Please join the discussion on the eUnion to see how you can utilize Studio Analytics in your courses. For a refresher of the overall video tool, please review May’s Tip Clip: Introduction to Arc-Canvas Studio!.

Icon Tip Clip


three people with call out boxes above them
(Image: Tumisu, Pixabay)

Participate in the Fall 2019 Virtual Faculty Learning Community – “What Is My Teaching Philosophy?”

This experience is all about discovering your teaching philosophy. By participating in the Fall 2019 V-FLC, faculty will discover:

  • What a teaching philosophy is.
  • The importance of your teaching philosophy and sharing it with your colleagues.
  • How to develop your own teaching philosophy and articulate it.


  • Open to ALL Faculty
  • 6 Weeks:  Monday, October 14, 2019 – Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • Weekly discussions topics
  • Create and submit your personal teaching philosophy

Interested?  Let us know by sending an email to rctle@erau.edu.

Registration closes Friday, October 11th.

RCTLE Resource Site

The RCTLE Resource Site (note: became the RCTLE eUnion in 2020) is still in the process of transitioning over.  RCTLE is working hard to combine resources for everything from academic technology to teaching and learning strategies accessible in one place for all faculty.  The first step in gathering all of these resources together for you is the creation of a new site called the eUnion.  This site is already up and running for you to explore.  You will still be able to access your past discussion topics and Tip Clips in the Discussion area along with many other additions to help you with teaching strategies and tools to enhance your online classroom.  Please remember, this site is still under construction, and new content will be added regularly.  Please continue to check back with us as we expand the site.

Under Construction sign
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The mission of the Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is to empower faculty members in their pursuit of professional growth through diverse offerings for the universal goal of student success.

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