How Can I Add A Video To An Announcement?

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Here are the steps to add a video to an announcement:

  1. Select the Announcements link from the Course Navigation menu
  2. Select the + Announcement button
    • Result: the Create new announcement page opens
  3. Enter a title for your post in the Topic Title field
  4. From the rich text editor menu select the Record/Upload Media icon
  5. Select Upload/Record Media from the drop-down menu
    • Result: the Upload Media page opens
  6. Drag and drop your video onto the outlined area
  7. When the video finishes uploading and processing, check the Add CC/Subtitles
  8. Select English from the Choose your language drop-down
  9. Select Submit
    • Result: the video is embedded in the text area.
Upload/Record Media

Note that this functionality works best in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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