How do I update the Syllabus in my course?

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Here is how to upload a syllabus document to your course:

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  • In your course section, select the Syllabus link in the course navigation menu.
    • Result: the syllabus page opens
  • Select the Edit button
    • Result: the Rich Text Editor is enabled
  • Select the text or link for your syllabus
  • Choose the More… icon. It is the last icon with three vertical dots
  • Choose the Documents icon
  • Select the Upload Document option
    • Result: the Upload File tool opens
Upload Document
  • Drag and drop your document inside the Upload File textbox
  • Select the Submit button
    • Result: the file is uploaded and the highlighted text now links to the new syllabus document
  • Select the Update Syllabus button to finalize your changes.

See how to upload a syllabus in this video:

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