How can I use Canvas Announcements?

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Announcements allow communication with students about course activities and interesting course-related topics. Announcements allow the broadcast of information.

To learn more, read the Announcements section of the Canvas Instructor Guide. Topics include:

Teaching Strategies and Resources

Teaching Tip: Posting High-Quality Announcements

Announcements are a valuable way to share information with your students, provide reminders, and bring in current events. It is important to post quality announcements frequently during the term. These keep your students informed and engaged, while also reiterating your instructor presence. Use announcements to:

  • Introduce a new module
  • Share current events
  • Summarize a discussion
  • Personalize the course using multimedia
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It is important to use announcements wisely. Read the Faculty Focus: Creating Quality Course Announcements to avoid the “info dump” in your announcements. Although well-intentioned, these announcements can be information overload for students and discourage them from reading announcements in the future. Here are some helpful tips for mastering the art of announcements:

  • Plan out announcements whenever possible. Feel free to use the delay posting an announcement feature in Canvas.
  • Avoid posting more than one announcement a day.
  • Create some visual appeal in your announcements by using bullets, different fonts, images or videos. Be sure to see the Tip Clip: Copyright-Free Resources for some free, creative commons licensed resources.
  • Personalize whenever possible to connect with students and draw in their attention.

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