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Information about the initial faculty development (iTeachER) course experience, which is required for all new ERAU-W prior to teaching their first course.

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Using announcements effectively

As an instructor, you are required to post a Welcome Announcement to provide important information to your students on the first day of your course. We also encourage you to post announcements frequently throughout the term. Not only do announcements keep your students informed, but they are a key way for you to maintain your instructor presence.
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Providing Quality Feedback

Providing students with quality feedback is essential to their success in your course and in their learning.  Feedback should give students the opportunity to see where they are in their learning and guide them to where they need to be.
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Managing discussions effectively

Discussions are a key element in many ERAU-W courses that give students the opportunity to interact with each other and the course content. As an online instructor, it is your role to facilitate the flow of the conversation.
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