What is the purpose of Salesforce?

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The purpose of Salesforce is to track trends and issues in a consistent system across the university. This enables us to best serve our students and provide data to ERAU leadership.

Entering Salesforce Cases

  • Mandatory fields are:
    • Student Name
    • ID
    • Term
    • Month
    • Course
    • Instructor
  • For anonymity concerns, check the box “Student wish to remain anonymous?”
    • Student name is required
    • In the message field add information to clarify students wishes
    • It is important to understand the limitations when selecting to remain anonymous

Use of Salesforce by Faculty Quality Managers (FQMs)

  • FQMs solve cases by reviewing chief complaints
  • FQMs interpret data available in Canvas
    • Email communications not regularly monitored; only retrieved for verification purposes
    • Important to see the steps students have taken
    • Have they spoken to their instructors?
    • Have they allowed 48 hours for a reply if an email was sent?
  • Remain objective with the information presented
    • Escalate through college leadership as necessary
    • Formal grievances are filed through Student Affairs
    • At the end of term, grade dispute process needs to be followed per POM

Best Practices in Salesforce

  • Conversations with students:
    • What is the desired outcome?
    • What resolution is the student seeking? (e.g., general complaint versus action-oriented complaint)
    • Apply university policy and procedure
    • Communication with students should be paraphrased, not quoted
  • Provide supporting documentation
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