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Important term updates, ERAU announcements, department updates, and other helpful information.

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October 2020

Final grades are due by December 27 @ 11:59 PM ET.

In observance of Winter Break, ERAU will be closed from December 22 to January 3.

College of Aeronautics

Faculty teaching in the October team are required to attend a preterm meeting hosted by their Department Chair.

  • Graduate Studies Department (Wednesday, 21 Oct, 12 pm and 8 pm ET)
  • Department of Undergraduate Studies (Tuesday, 20 Oct, 4 pm)
  • Department of Engineering and Technology (Your Department Chair will reach out with more information)

College of Business

Plan on attending the Faculty Engagement Session on 10/21 at 6 pm ET. More to follow on the COB Resource page.

September 2020

  • Simple Syllabus is live for Online Courses.  The Course Navigation has changed.  Remind students the Syllabus is on the Course Navigation Menu.  They can also find links to specific assignments under Summary.  
  • If you don’t see your syllabus email
  • Be mindful of our Worldwide students’ circumstances and feel free to extend due dates or accept late work as needed to accommodate those impacted by natural disasters and/or illness. Try posting an announcement reminding students to reach out to you should they find themselves needing more time for assignments.
  • The September term runs Wednesday to Tuesday. Feel free to post an announcement reminding students of due dates.

August 2020

  • Simple Syllabus goes live for Online Courses.  The Course Navigation has changed.  Remind students they can find the Syllabus under the Syllabus option in the Course Navigation Menu.  They can also find links to specific assignments under Summary.  
  • Adobe Connect has been decommissioned.  If you would like to keep any Adobe Connect recordings, they will need to be downloaded and saved by November 2nd, 2020. Please see the instructions in the IT Support Self-Service knowledge article Creating Offline Recordings.
  • In your Canvas course navigation, EagleVision (Adobe Connect) is now EagleVision Zoom. For more information about using EagleVision Zoom visit RCTLE Zoom Resource.

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