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Zoom is conferencing software available for all university faculty and students. Use it for teaching classes, web conferencing, and hosting meetings. It is integrated with Canvas. The following are instructions on how to set it up.

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Setting Up A Meeting Room

To get started, you will need to set up a meeting room on Zoom.

From your Canvas Course select the Zoom link from the course navigation

Result: the Zoom course meetings interface is displayed

Access Zoom

Screenshot of the Canvas global navigation showing the Zoom link

Select the Schedule a New Meeting button

Result: the Schedule a Meeting setup form opens

Zoom Setup

Screenshot showing the initial Zoom screen with the Schedule a New Meeting button highlighted

Enter the course meeting information

  • Topic auto-filled with course name
  • Description of the meeting (optional)
  • When the meeting will occur
  • Duration (optional)
  • Time Zone defaults to your Canvas Account Profile setting
  • Recurring Meeting select for weekly class meetings
  • Avoid changing other settings

Select the Save button

Result: a confirmation message is displayed and your meeting is created

Zoom Setup

Screenshot of the Zoom Schedule a Meeting entry form

Starting A Meeting

  • Select the Upcoming Meetings tab
  • Select Start

Result: the Zoom Launch Application dialogue window opens

Zoom Upcoming Meetings

Screenshot of the Zoom Upcoming Meetings tab

Select the Open Link

Result: the Join Audio dialogue window opens

Note: Prior to first meeting, you will need to download the Zoom Desktop application.

Zoom Launch Application dialogue box

Screenshot of the Zoom Launch Application dialogue box

Tip: Each session, select Test Speakers and Microphone. Check Video settings and turn on video.

  • Select the Record button and Record to the Cloud.
    • Note there is a delay before the recording will show in the Cloud Recordings tab.
    • Result: Zoom begins recording your session

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If you are teaching an EagleVision Hybrid or Classroom course, please send the Join URL link to the campus (or campuses) as soon as possible so they have it in case of an emergency. You will need to send the link via email to the campus email address and include the course information. To get the campus email, type the campus name in Outlook and then the email address should come up as a suggestion or you can select Check Names.  

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