If you have not already done so, now is a good time to set up your Personal Notifications within Canvas. Your Personal Notification settings will determine when and how you are contacted about various activities within Canvas. 

Keep in mind, your Personal Notifications are tied to your Canvas profile and will apply across ALL courses you are enrolled in (or teaching) within Canvas. These are referred to as global settings rather than individual course settings. To learn how to modify your Personal Notifications, view the video and read the Canvas Guide below:

For each of the items, you will have the option to choose to receive notifications right away, receive a daily summary, receive a weekly summary, or not be notified at all.  While your settings are yours to choose, we do have some recommended settings for instructors to ensure you are receiving timely notifications regarding the courses that you teach:




Daily or right away (This will ensure you receive timely notification for any courses you are enrolled in, but not teaching). Note: You will not receive notifications for announcements you post.


Right away (This will send you an immediate email notification any time you are invited to join a new course).

Discussion Post

Daily (This will send you a daily summary of all the conversations occurring within the discussions in your course).

Added to Conversation

Right away (This will send you a notification when you have a new message in the Canvas Inbox).

Conversation Message

Right away

Submission Comments

Right away (This will send you a notification when a student adds a comment to the assignment submission).

For more information about each notification item, simply hover your mouse over the item on the Notifications page within Canvas. The Notifications page within Canvas can be found by selecting Account in the Global Navigation Menu on the left. 


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