As a new faculty member at Embry-Riddle (ERAU), you might be feeling excited about your new role and/or a bit overwhelmed with all that is, or soon will be, expected of you. To thrive in the midst of new opportunities and achieve your career goals, we encourage you to take the advice of Robert Boice in order to find balance, happiness, and success as you begin your teaching career at ERAU.

Boice (1991) found that 5-9% of new faculty, which he termed “Quick Starters,” were more positive, sociable, and efficient because of their ability and skill to:

  • Spend less time preparing lectures
  • Meet collegiality needs and scholarly productivity
  • Find comfort with their classes, their students, their colleagues, and their campuses

Visit the following resources below to review or learn effective strategies for becoming a Quick Starter at ERAU!

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