Follow the Preterm Setup Roadmap which includes these items to get your course ready:

  • Preterm Checklist– To prepare for the term start, you will need to set up your course in Canvas. You will need to do everything on the pre-term checklist before the term start.
  • Set your Module Dates.
  • Add a welcome Announcement to your course. Save time throughout the term by front-loading all announcements. Then schedule them to post when you want.
  • In the Start Here section of your course, enter your Instructor Contact Information, Bio, and Polices. This information consists of your ERAU email, a phone number where the students can reach you, assignment policies, and any background information you would like to share with your students.
  • Learn how to use groups.

MMT  Instructors Only

  • For instructions on developing and submitting your MMT syllabus for approval, view the Syllabus Resource Center in ERNIE.
  • To set your assignment weights in Canvas to match your approved syllabus, refer to the Canvas Guide on Assignment Groups Weight. The information is located at the end of the page under Set Weights.
  • Once your syllabus has been approved and returned to you in PDF form, refer to the Uploading a Syllabus document for instructions on posting your syllabus to your Canvas course. Or watch this video:


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Assessing & Improving (3)
This section provides resources for assessing student learning, assessing your teaching, and improving your class(es).

Instructions (63)
These are how-to documents, guides, tip clips, and just-in-time resources. If it is step-by-step instructions on using a tool, place the item here instead of under Technology.

Planning (17)
Here you will find teaching information on pedagogy, policies, professionalism, principles, frameworks, and student populations. Topics include FAC-10, Bloom's Taxonomy, Preterm Setup, and Information for Instructors.

Teaching (35)
This section provides guidance on classroom management, issues, methods, assessment, improvement, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Topics include feedback, engagement, instructor presence, and active learning.