Module Objectives (MOs)

  • Module Objectives are what the student should know at the end of each module.  
  • Activities have been created to assess how well students are meeting the Module Objectives.
  • Module Objectives for each module are found in your Canvas course on the Module Overview and Objectives page.
  • Module Objectives build throughout the term to support Learning Outcomes.

Learning Outcomes (LOs)

  • Learning Outcomes are what the student should be able to do by the end of the course.
  • MOs are stepping stones to LOs.  It is important to check-in on students and their progress toward both MOs and LOs.
  • Learning Outcomes are included in your course syllabus. 
  • Learning Outcomes for individual classes are aligned with overall Program Outcomes

Program Objectives (POs)

  • Program Outcomes are what a student should know or be able to do by the end of the entire program.
  • What should they know when they leave ERAU
  • Module outcomes and Learning outcomes are the stepping stones for Program outcomes.
  • Program Outcomes can be found in the Course Catalog for the student’s specific degree program.
  • Feel free to review the ERAU – Worldwide Course Catalog!

RCTLE Teaching Tip

  • Intentional conversations about learning objectives lead to increased engagement and can help the students know what is required and expected of them.
  • Create small talk around LOs and MOs.
  • Engage with students through questions or stories.
  • If teaching in an online environment where the course is predesigned for you, give feedback on student learning to the course creators.


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