Preterm Setup – Roadmap 

According to FAC-10, instructors are required to post a Welcome Announcement. Additional announcements throughout the semester are recommended.

Below are the steps to create a Welcome Announcement.

Things to Consider

  1. A Welcome Announcement gives the faculty member an opportunity to introduce students to the course.
  2. A Welcome Announcement can include introductory information to the course, faculty information, course policies, and other important information.
  3. Faculty members can use video to introduce information and themselves in the Welcome Announcement.

Adding an Announcement

1: Open Announcement

On the left-hand side, under Course Navigation, click the Announcements link.

1: Open Announcement | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

2: Add Announcement

02 Add Announcement | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

Click the add announcement (+announcement) button.

3: Create Announcement

03 Create Announcement | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

Type a title for the announcement (1) and add content to the Rich Content Editor (2). This feature will not appear in Canvas (3). 

4: Options

  1. You can add an attachment to the announcement by selecting the Choose File button.
  2. You can schedule what dates you would like your announcement to go live by selecting Delay Posting.
  3. This feature is not available for ERAU-W.
  4. This feature is not available for ERAU-W.
  5. You can enable a podcast feed.
  6. You can also allow students to like the post.
04 Options | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

5: Save Announcement

Make sure to click the Save button. Unless you have Delayed the announcement, the announcement will post immediately.

5: Save Announcement | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

Creating a Video Welcome Announcement

1: Select Video

3: Create Announcement | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

When creating a new Announcement, select the media icon. Select Upload/Record Media.

2: Record Video

02 Record Video | Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

By selecting Record, this will reveal options to adjust your webcam and volume. Once you are ready, hit the Start Recording button.

3: Record Video

3 Record Video Welcome Announcement
(Image: Canvas)

Once you have finished your recording, you will want to hit the Save button. The video will be placed in the Rich Content Editor area of your announcement.

Make sure to include text in this area to explain the contents of the video.

Best Practices for a Video

  1. Be aware of background and appearances.
  2. Be aware of tone and facial expression.
  3. Have a plan regarding what you are going to cover in your video.


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