Canvas has features related to late and missing submissions in the gradebook. Both of these features are optional. Simply uncheck the boxes of the features you do not want to utilize and click Update.

  • By default, the Automatically apply grade for missing submissions will be checked. This means that when a student does not turn in an assignment by the due date, the gradebook gives the student a zero automatically. We do not recommend changing the number of Missing submission grade.
  • By default, the late policy will be unchecked. However, if you check the box, late student submissions will receive a percentage off of their grade automatically when they submit an assignment past the due date.
  • Note: If your course is using a 3rd party integration, uncheck the late polices feature. Your 3rd party integration will already apply late policies independently of Canvas.
Screenshot of the Canvas Grades late policy tool

To adjust the status of a  student submission, click the cell of the grade and then click the arrow.

Screenshot of the Grade point entry input box
(Image: Canvas)

The menu will appear and allow you to change the student’s grade status.

Screenshot of the Canvas Grades menu and Status options of None, Late, Missing, Excused
(Image: Canvas)

Status Category Settings




Removes any previously applied values to the student grade.


Enter the grade for the student and click late to apply the point penalty for the late submissions.


Choose Missing to indicate the assignment was not submitted.


Choose Excused to excuse an individual student assignment. 

Important Notes

  • Late policy percentages should always match your syllabus and instructor policies. 
  • Late policy percentages should be adjusted BEFORE term start only. Do not make any changes to the Late Policy in Canva during the term. Changing percentages during the term may cause issues with grade calculations.
  • This Adjust Late Policy feature is optional. Grades for late assignments can still be calculated manually. 


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