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  • Canvas operates on a monthly release cycle through which features are added or updated. The information below contains highlights from Canvas’s production release notes
  • These updates will occur on weekdays.  
  • For more information, review All About Release Notes.

The full set of Release Notes are available via the Canvas Community.

Summary of Canvas Release Notes – June 19, 2021 

Teaching with Canvas

SpeedGrader – Comment Library

  • This change allows instructors to save frequently used comments in SpeedGrader and be reused across multiple students and assignments.
  • When instructors and other graders access SpeedGrader, the comments field includes a Feedback icon that opens the Comment Library. Comments can be entered in the text field and added to the comment library.
SpeedGrader – Comment Library
  • Comments can be deleted from the library at any time. If a comment needs to be edited, the comment will need to be copied and added again to the library. 
    • Note: The capability to edit existing comments is being added by the engineering team.
SpeedGrader – Comment Library Step Two
  • Comments can be added directly from the Comment Library by opening the library and clicking the comment that should be added. The library will close and the comment will display in SpeedGrader.
SpeedGrader – Comment Library Step Three
  • Comments are saved per individual user regardless of course, so comments saved by a user in one course will also display when the user is viewing SpeedGrader in another course.
  • The Comment Library functionality is not supported in the assignment submission details page.

Student & Teacher Experience

Release Notes

  • The Canvas Help Menu will display an indicator when a release note has been published for the user’s role, and release notes links display in a new window.
    • Notes display a summary of a feature or multiple features available to the user and provide a link where the user can view more details.
    • Only default features available to all users are included as of release note entries. Feature options are not mentioned in release notes until the feature will become a default feature for all users.
    • Each link is customized to the user role and directs to the user summary document for the intended release.  If a user has more than one user role, the user will receive links to notes for each role. Notes are available for the admin, instructor, and student roles. TA roles receive instructor release notes. Custom roles receive notes for the base role used for the custom role.
  • Release notes are viewed when a link is selected in the Help Menu. 
    • If a note has not yet been viewed, the unread indicator remains in the Help Menu until all notes have been read. New notes are indicated by the New label.
  • Notes can be viewed as often as needed, as the link remains after it is read. The Help Menu always displays the last 10 release notes posted for the user’s role.
Canvas Release Notes: June 2021


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