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Gradebook – Plagiarism Icons [Update – this is not going live in November]

When the Turnitin plagiarism review tool is enabled for an assignment, plagiarism reports display for each student submission in the Gradebook.  The icons displayed more accurately portray the plagiarism result by shape. Previously, results were only indicated by color. The plagiarism result displays directly in the Gradebook cell for each submission.

Screenshot of the New gradebook plagiarism icons comparison
(Image: Canvas)

The new icons:

  • Error icon: the submission could not be submitted to Turnitin; resubmit from SpeedGrader
  • Red half-filled circle icon: the similarity score is between 20% and 60%
  • Green circle checkmark icon: the similarity score is between 0% and 20%
  • Solid red circle icon: the similarity score is higher than 60%
  • Clock icon: the submission is being processed by Turnitin

The Grade Detail Tray also includes the indicated plagiarism icon. For originality reports, the actual percentage can be viewed in the Grade Detail Tray.

Canvas Rich Text Editor (Image: Canvas)

Student Experience

  • Grades view – Updated icons for Turnitin results will be added to the student Grades page in a future release.
  • No other updates.

For a complete production release update information: Canvas Release Notes.


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