Teaching with Canvas:

Navigation – Menu Visibility (delayed from September)

  • The Course and User Navigation Menus have been updated to include color and visual indicators to define active menu items. No functionality has been affected.
    • This change helps improve accessibility in Canvas. Additionally, active links only relied on color to convey information.
    • All inactive links are displayed in the account’s primary color. The active link is displayed in black and includes a vertical line.
    • The hover state for a link includes an underline by default (when high contrast mode is not already enabled). When selected, the link displays a focus state with a 2px border.
  • Worldwide courses will appear similar to this below:
Canvas Rich Text Editor( Image: Canvas)

Gradebook – Post Policy Icon Updates

The word ‘Manual’ displays in the assignment header to indicate the assignment is set with the Manual Posting Policy. Additionally, the outlined Visibility icon only displays when entered grades need to be posted.

  • This change helps simplify the number of icons related to the manual posting policy and provide icon consistency throughout Canvas.
    • When an assignment is set with the Manual Posting Policy, the outlined Visibility icon has been replaced with the word ‘Manual’.
    • This change clarifies the policy status, not the grade status, which aligns consistency with other statuses that display in the Gradebook—Unpublished, Moderated, and Anonymous.
  • Assignments set with the Automatic Posting Policy do not include any additional indicator aside from the point value.
Canvas Rich Text Editor (Image: Canvas)
  • The outlined Visibility icon only displays once grades have been entered into the Gradebook that need to be posted.
    • This change mimics the icon displayed in the Total column and replaces the solid icon, which is no longer used.
    • Additionally, the icon is no longer associated with the primary color of a custom Canvas theme and always displays outlined in black and white to ensure consistency throughout Canvas, such as in SpeedGrader.
Canvas Rich Text Editor (Image: Canvas)
Canvas Rich Text Editor (Image: Canvas)

Important note: as the grade posting policy settings are somewhat confusing it is highly recommended to first review the Canvas Guide ahead of using these post policies  —> How do I select a grade posting policy for an assignment in the Gradebook?

Student Experience

  • Navigation – Menu Visibility – the same changes as above.
  • No other updates.

For a complete production release update information: Canvas Release Notes.


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