Did you know that Canvas can auto-generate captions for your videos? If you record a short video for your class (for example, for your announcements or discussions), you can have captions added to increase the accessibility of your content and provide a more equitable and inclusive classroom for your students.

Just follow these steps to add captions to your video:

  1. Log into Canvas Studio.
  2. Select the video where you would like to add captions.
  3. Under the video, select Captions.
  4. Select the language that matches the video and select Request.
  5. You’ll receive a notification from Canvas when the captions are ready for your review.
  6. Finally, you can edit and review the captions to make sure they match exactly what you are saying.
  7. Select Publish.
(Image: WGBH, public domain)

Adding captions is a great way to provide students with multiple ways to engage with the material you are posting. Some students with special needs require text formats, but even if you haven’t received a letter of accommodation, captions are a great way to ensure ALL students have equal access to the valuable resources you are adding to your course.

For more information about how to support all students, including students with disabilities visit the Dean of Students – Worldwide (requires login) page in ERNIE.


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