Dr. Danielle Aming from RCTLE hosted a Special Session on enhancing announcements. This is an important way to engage and inform students by sharing additional content related to the course. This event focused on how to reinvent and innovate the use of Announcements in Canvas courses.

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  • Announcements allow instructors to communicate with students about course activities and post interesting course-related topics.
  • Announcements are designed to allow instructors to broadcast information out to all individuals or to all individuals of sections within a course


The Community of Inquiry (COI) model describes how learning takes place for a group of individual learners through the educational experience that occurs at the intersection of social, cognitive and teaching presence..

  • Social Presence:
    • Creating an environment where students can be themselves and build connections.
  • Cognitive Presence:
    • Engaging in the content and knowledge of the course.
  • Teaching Presence
    • The ability of the instructor to engage students, convey knowledge, and manage the course.


  • First Impressions
  • Course Content
  • Different Types
  • Technology
  • Have a Plan

  1. First Impressions – Announcements might be a student’s first interaction with your course. When students begin a course, announcements are one way to provide introductory information about the course.
  2. Course Content – Announcements provide additional course content. Announcements provide another avenue for instructors to add real-world and/or personal content to the course.
  3. Different Types – Use different categories for announcements. Announcements in the course should not be the same but provide different information and ways to engage the students.
  4. Technology – Use different approaches to increase engagement. By using different technologies when making announcements, there is an opportunity to engage all students in the course.
  5. Have a Plan – Use a timeline instead of information dumping. Developing a plan regarding how many and what types of announcements to have throughout the course will help enhance instructor presence and student engagement.



Students will need to turn on notifications in Canvas to receive updates about announcements that are posted.


Notifications will be sent to a student’s email. The more announcements posted the more emails sent.


Images will not be displayed in emails. You will want to redirect students to Canvas to view an images posted.


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