RefWorks is an online research tool that allows you to collect, manage, and organize references, full-text documents, and other research materials. You can read and annotate full-text documents with highlights and comments, organize your data with folders and tags, and cite your research as well as collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections. Using Write-N-Cite, a RefWorks plugin for Word, or the RefWorks add-on in Google Docs, you are able to quickly insert and edit citations, adding them to your bibliography as you go.

How to create a Refworks account

Click on the create an account link, enter your university email to begin

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How to add references

Click on the add function to upload, import or create references in your personal Refworks database

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Create and manage projects

To create and work on multiple projects click on Dissertation and select manage projects. To learn more about managing RefWorks, please watch this video.

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Assign references to folder

To assign references to folder, select references in your list, then click on the assign to folder tool to assign particular references to a specific folder or create a new folder

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Share and export content

You can share and export content by clicking on the share function in the bar menu options

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How to use the tags function

To use the tags function click on the add tags to search or add tags in this menu option

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How to use the tools feature

Tools is one the most useful feature that will allow you to install the save to Refworks tool as well as the cite as Microsoft plugin

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Create a Bibliography within Refworks

To create a bibliography within the Web-based platform for Refworks, select items in your references list, then click on create Bibliography

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Additional Resources

Refer to the comparison chart, RefWorks is more suitable and effective than any other tool.

For more information on using RefWorks, please see the Research Guide : RefWorks from the Hunt Library or contact Ask a Librarian.


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